This Blog Post Isn’t About Me

The first blog post is always the scariest, not that I’ve been through this before, but it really has been scary trying to decide what to write. I don’t want to fail at the first post I ever publish on my blog and that’s why I did some research. Many bloggers wrote about how I will look back at my first post in a year’s time and cringe at what I wrote. That’s great to know, you’re telling me there’s no way I can be a great blogger on the first try? Or, they wrote about which “blogging crimes to avoid”. One of these crimes was using your first blog to introduce yourself. Surprised? I was too.

Whenever we meet someone for the first time, we introduce ourselves. And this is why when I read on many “How to start a blog” posts that i shouldn’t do exactly that, I didn’t quite understand. I do however believe the experts know a whole lot more than I do so this post isn’t about me. If you would like to know a little more about me though, you can visit my “About Me” page.

I don’t know about you but someone’s About page on their blog is one of my favourite things to read. It gives people the opportunity to share themselves with others and so often we are scared to write about ourselves. A blogger wants you to be interested in them, their life and what they have to offer but we are also part of a society who looks down on people who boast, who think highly of themselves or who recognise their own value. This can make writing about yourself a sort of daunting task. When is it too much to write about your best qualities and things you have achieved in life? But at the same time, when is it too little to write about who you are and what makes you really proud of yourself?

One thing I love about blogs is that the writing space belongs to the author and the readers are just visitors. This means the writers can and should write what they want, and those who don’t like it are more than welcome to click out and never visit your blog again. Quite cool, right?

So, say what you want about yourself. Show off your best assets, don’t dull your shine for anyone whose eyes are sensitive to the sun. Put your best foot forward and don’t be scared to love yourself. We are all awesome and we are all allowed to be awesome at once. There is enough space in this world for everyone’s awesomeness. And lastly, don’t judge those who are proud to be awesome. Despite what society tells you, people are allowed to be proud of who they are.

Now that I’ve said awesome a total of too many times, I’ll leave you with this:

Be awesome and don’t be afraid to own it ❤





10 thoughts on “This Blog Post Isn’t About Me

  1. yes – many decisions to make when starting a blog, all difficult because its the first time!

    congrats & welcome to blog-sphere! wishing you all the best with it 🙂


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