Long Distance


This is a quick and completely unplanned post but I felt I needed to share. It’s the kind of thing I would have shared as a status on Facebook before starting a blog but now that I have this space, I’m going to share it here.

I have many reasons why I started my blog, and maybe one day I’ll make a post detailing them all, but for now I will just share the main reason.

I am a sharer and a storyteller. I always have things to say and I never hold back on saying them. Maybe it’s because my favourite kind of people are the kind who do the same. I love hearing peoples’ stories about where they are from, what they’ve been through or what their dreams are for the future.

I have always had the impression that if I share with people, more often than not they will share with me in return and that is exactly what has happened. I don’t hold back anymore about how much detail I share about my travels, my long distance relationship and general life ‘stuff’. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or on my blog. The rewards I have reaped from this have been mountainous.

If I can inspire at least one person then I will keep sharing. I’ve been fortunate enough to inspire more than just one, simply through telling my story. Adam and I both receive countless messages about how we inspire people and we consider that a gift. We were given this relationship, this situation and this life and we will use it to be a voice for everyone else battling through long distance or other life related things we go through. When you find yourself in a situation like long distance it goes a long way to know that you are not alone and that there are others going through the same heartache you experience everyday.

Here is a message I received this morning that inspired this blog post:

(Note: Message has been edited to remove personal info about the sender)

Hi Carla,

You don’t know me, I know this for sure.

I recently came across your blog post “9 things I wish somebody told me about long distance” and I felt the need to send you a message.
I am also from SA. I recently, when I say recently, 2 and a half months ago to be exact, moved to New York to be an Au Pair, don’t get me wrong, coming to New York has been the most exciting and wonderful experience of my life, but being an au pair, hasn’t. It’s been tough. Tougher than I expected.
SO, after researching some ways on how to ‘deal’ with homesickness and things that Au Pair’s should know how to do.. I came across “Au Pair confessions”, anyway, to cut a long story short, I found myself reading some ridiculous ‘confession’ post from like 2 years ago on the page and someone tagged you on the post.. So I clicked on your name as I recognised it from friends suggestions (because of our mutual friends) from when I was back in SA and started to stalk. (i’m a pro).
Maybe it was the massive picture of you and your fiance with the elephant (my favourite animal) or how you two are absolute goals, or that we are from the same town, I don’t know, I saw that you were from Durbs (halla!) and I then came across your blog.
It immediately caught my attention because of the title of the post which made me feel like I am literally in the same boat as you were when you started your long distance relationship.

I’m exactly the same, multiple long distance relationships made me believe in no such thing.

When I met (insert boyfriend’s name), I had already applied for Au Pair in America and had my heart set on going to NY. We were dating for 2 months before I left for NYC. It has been so hard being away from him (as you know) but reading your post really made it just that much easier.
I felt like I was reading my own words. Especially about the one where you said, those who don’t know you will have the most to say, OH MY GOSH have I experienced enough of this!!

I just wanted to thank you. It was a real weird coincidence that I found you and your blog and I will be spending the next however long reading everything you have to say on there (i don’t ever do this by the way). Your post gave me that much more confidence that I can make my long distance relationship work (I see him in July– I am so excited) and I cannot wait.
I hope you have a wonderful day & thanks again.
Yours in admiration,
Insert Nameย 


7 thoughts on “WHY I STARTED A BLOG

  1. Hi glad you started your blog. Blogs do provide avenues for great things. Also in a long distance relationship (marriage) but working on closing the distance. And I do believe that ldrs are quite amazing and bring out parts of you that you weren’t aware of before. Nice to meet you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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